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Charli Charging Celebrates Las Adelitas Affordable Housing Opening in Portland's Cully Neighborhood


Last month, the Cully neighborhood in NE Portland witnessed a beautiful and lively event with the grand opening of Las Adelitas, a community-based development that strives to mitigate the effects of rising rents on families and the inevitable displacement and gentrification that come with it. The affordable housing development has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of many individuals and organizations, including Hacienda CDC, and it is heartening to see such a project come to fruition.

Our partnership with Las Adelitas is notable in that it helps the community make big strides toward a greener future. The installation of EV charging stations makes it easier for residents to use electric vehicles. This not only benefits the residents but the greater community, by reducing carbon emissions generated by traditional internal combustion vehicles.

The opening of Las Adelitas is a testament to the power of community and collective action. This project has been made possible by the efforts of many individuals, organizations, and the community at large. We are grateful to our project partners Pacific Power and the Oregon Clean Fuels Program for making this possible. It is a success story that should inspire us to come together and work towards a better future for all. We at Charli Charging congratulate everyone involved in this meaningful project and look forward to continuing our support towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

To learn more about Las Adelitas, visit

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