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Financial Incentives for Businesses to Install EV Charging Stations

One of the most impactful ways a business can embrace sustainable practices is by offering electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at your business premises. Not only does this attract environmentally conscious customers, but it can also bring about significant financial benefits.

EV Charging Station Installation for Businesses | Portland, Oregon | Charli Charging

The Electric Vehicle Revolution

If you haven't noticed yet, electric vehicles are here and not going anywhere anytime soon. Which means more and more people are making the switch to eco-friendly transportation. As a business owner, catering to this growing market can be a strategic move. By installing EV charging stations at your establishment positions your business as forward-thinking.

Let's learn about some of the financial incentives available at the federal, state, and even local levels:

  1. Federal Tax Credits: Businesses that install EV charging stations can qualify for up to 30% in government tax credits. This credit can significantly offset your initial investment.

  2. State and Local Grants: Many states like here in Oregon and local governments provide grants and rebates to businesses that install charging stations. Recently, Oregon Department of Transportation’s new Community Charging Rebates program was why 370 electric vehicle charging stations were installed. Incentives like these can help cover a substantial portion of your installation expenses.

  3. Utility Incentives: Utility companies are a great place to research when looking for EV charging station installation incentives. An incentive example could include reduced electricity rates during off-peak hours, which can lead to long-term operational savings.

  4. Green Building Certifications: Earn points towards green building certifications like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by installing EV charging stations at your business. Achieving such certifications can result in reduced property taxes and other financial benefits.

Partnering with Charli Charging

Now that you have a better understanding of how installing EV charging stations at your business can offer long-term financial rewards, who do you connect with to get it done? That's where partnering with Charli Charging is going to be your next step, here's why:

  1. Our turn-key service model simplifies the process for any type of property to install EV charging stations.

  2. We reduce the barriers to accessing these benefits by providing a simple and affordable solution.

  3. Our in-house grant writer allows us to increase our reach and work with non-profits and under-served communities. 

  4. Our clients are all shapes and sizes, and we work hard to provide EV charging solutions catered to our host properties’ specific needs.

Simply put, we make it easy to bring EV charging to your property by providing free equipment, subsidized installation with in-house grant writing, project management, and charging station O&M.

EV Charging Station Installation for Businesses | Portland, Oregon | Charli Charging

Investing in EV charging stations for your business is not only a step towards sustainability but also a smart financial move. The array of financial incentives available at different levels of government, combined with the potential for increased customer traffic, makes it a win-win situation. Partnering with Charli Charging can help you navigate the process seamlessly, ensuring that you reap the benefits of a greener future while boosting your bottom line.

About Charli Charging

Charli Charging is a Portland-based, innovative, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging service provider offering affordable, turn-key solutions for EV charging station installation and operation. Our strategy is centered on affordability, reliability, simplicity, accessibility and equity in access. Our mission is to enable the everyday driver to seamlessly transition to an electric vehicle by installing EV charging stations wherever cars live.


Lakeshia Williams - Marketing Manager

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