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How Businesses Can Benefit from Installing Charli EV Charging Stations

We're living in an age where sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life. One way businesses are jumping on the green bandwagon and scoring major points with both customers and the environment is by installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. Yep, you heard it right – EV charging stations aren't just for Tesla owners anymore. They're becoming the unsung heroes of smart businesses.

Wondering how? Let's dive in!

Attracting the Eco-Conscious Crowd

We all have that friend who can't stop talking about reducing their carbon footprint, right? Well, there are millions of them out there. By setting up Charli EV charging stations, your business becomes a beacon for environmentally conscious consumers. These folks are more likely to choose your services or products over competitors simply because you're doing your bit to save the planet. It's like having a neon sign that says, "We care about Mother Earth."

Extending Visiting Time

Imagine this: A customer stops by your cafe for a quick coffee but notices the EV charging station. Suddenly, the quick coffee turns into a leisurely brunch because they can charge up their electric ride while sipping on that cappuccino. EV charging stations are a magnet for extending visiting time. Longer stays often translate to higher spending and increased opportunities for upselling. It's a win-win for both you and your customers.

Charli Charging | EV Residential Chargers | EV Business Chargers

Boosting Your Brand Image

In the age of social media and viral trends, being eco-friendly is not just a choice; it's a brand necessity. Installing Charli EV charging stations positions your business as forward-thinking, environmentally conscious, and tech-savvy. People love to associate with brands that share their values, and what better way to showcase your commitment to a sustainable future than by supporting electric vehicles?

Attracting Corporate Clients

Business travelers are increasingly opting for electric vehicles. Having Charli EV charging stations at your hotel or office complex can be a game-changer. Corporate clients who drive electric cars will see your business as not just a convenient stop but as a destination that understands their needs. It's a fantastic way to create a business-friendly environment and stand out in a competitive market.

Charli Charging | EV Residential Chargers | EV Business Chargers

Keeping Up with Regulations

Governments worldwide are actively pushing for greener practices. Here in Portland we have regulations in place that encourage or mandate businesses to provide an EV charging infrastructure. By being proactive and staying ahead of the regulatory curve, your business won't just avoid fines and penalties, but you'll also be seen as a responsible corporate citizen.

Potential Revenue Stream

Think of your Charli EV charging station as more than just a utility. Many businesses are monetizing their charging stations by setting reasonable fees for usage. It's an additional revenue stream that not only helps cover installation costs but also adds a futuristic touch to your profit margins.

In a nutshell, installing Charli EV charging stations is more than just a green initiative; it's a strategic move that can give your business the edge in a competitive market. So, let’s talk about charging up your business – and those electric vehicles – because the future is electric, and it's looking pretty bright for those who are plugged in! Click here to learn more and get started!

About Charli Charging

Charli Charging is a Portland-based, innovative, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging service provider offering affordable, turn-key solutions for EV charging station installation and operation. Our strategy is centered on affordability, reliability, simplicity, accessibility and equity in access. Our mission is to enable the everyday driver to seamlessly transition to an electric vehicle by installing EV charging stations wherever cars live.


Lakeshia Williams - Marketing Manager

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